Crypto Roundup 20

Welcome to our 20th crypto roundup brought to you by HEAT. Check out the HEAT project here if you haven't already.

The Calm Above the Surface

The crypto markets have been in a relatively calm state the last couple of weeks. Here's a 7-day Bitcoin price chart, for example:
7 day bitcoin price chart

Just because things are calm on the outside, however, doesn't mean they are calm beneath the surface. The paddling has been going on hard.

Blockchain scalability is still a big issue. There is still the SegWit war going on between the two Bitcoin camps. There is a new proposal of BIP148, which is User Activated Soft Fork (UASF). However, even Greg Maxwell has come out against it.

The point of all this is that as the cryptocurrency and blockchain space matures, scalability is going to become an issue for all projects. Bitcoin is facing the problems now because it has been around the longest. However even the likes of Ethereum are obviously not immune to this. Solutions like Sharding are still in their infancy.

Blockchains like HEAT are able to build scalability right into the protocol itself. That's why HEAT is expected to be able to reach speeds of hundreds of transactions per second but without all the associated problems that come with Bitcoin. These are the projects to watch out for in the long-term.

Rise of DAO and Governance Schemes

The DAO was a disaster on all fronts. However, that doesn't mean we need to throw the baby out with the bathwater. The idea is having a decentralized organization that is able to conduct economic transactions, and add value to the overall economy of the world, but without the traditional umbrella of a corporation. Although the word autonomous is present in the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), that's a bit tricky to define, and different DAO structures assume different levels of autonomy, with the more further-out ones considering autonomy only with respect to fully-autonomous agents.

Two projects are making strides towards creating DAO-frameworks for other projects a reality. Aragon has been working on this for a while now, and has announced the release of its whitepaper last week.

Colony is another DAO platform, again built on Ethereum, which is supposed to allow for decentralized governance protocols for future DAOs. It is an ambitious project, and could produce something quite exciting for the future. They recently presented their Q1 2017 update.

ICOs Continue

There has been no dearth of new ICOs in the crypto-space, however. Whether the markets are calm or volatile, seems like new ICOs come out like clockwork.

Cosmos, a project that aims to solve blockchain inter-operability (along with many other projects like Polkadot), raised $17 million in 30 minutes, another record ICO in the Ethereum space.

New ICOs are raising money at a record rate, but the bar for raising record money is also thankfully rising. Only time will tell how this whole game will end, but currently there is too much speculation and not too many projects released and working in the real world.

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