Crypto Roundup 24

Welcome to the 24th edition of our crypto roundup brought to you by HEAT crypto.

Bitcoin on Track to Solve (Some of) its Issues

The biggest drama in Bitcoin and perhaps the whole crypto space is likely about to end. The miners and developers have been in a stalemate for over a year regarding how best to scale Bitcoin going forward. Finally, seems like the miners are ready to adopt "SegWit", a way to fit more transactions per block, solve malleability issues, and kill ASIC boost, all in one upgrade. With this issue solved, the Bitcoin community will hope to put the bitter struggles behind it and look forward.

One major advantage of SegWit is that it offers an easy way to create a lightning network. The lightning network will allow entities to open private trustless channels in order to perform a high volume of transactions privately, but still be able to broadcast the transaction to the main Bitcoin chain at any time, thus closing the channel. Once the correct routing mechanism is in place, lightning network can allow true micro-transactions on Bitcoin without the associated overhead of putting all that data on-chain.

From a price point of view, Bitcoin price has rebounded. The next psychological barrier to cross is the $3000 mark. We'll keep an eye out this week/month as SegWit gets locked in to be activated.

Bitcoin's dominance has also been on the rise since it bottomed out at less than 40%. Of course, this comes at a time when it has fallen from its high of over 80% in under 6 months.

Of course, scalability is a huge topic in crypto right now, and projects like HEAT have their own unique solutions to it.

Tokens Keep Rolling in, but Their Returns?

We have talked a lot about ICOs even before they became so big. We're regularly seeing project raising insane amounts of money like excess of $100 million. But is it good from an investment point of view? That's debatable. As the number of new token offerings rises exponentially, it is hard to keep track of them all. Unfortunately, the good projects get mixed in with the bad and scams, and it becomes even harder to separate the wheat from the chaff.

We'd also like to introduce our readers to the site Token Filings. It has a lot of information on different tokens, including history, price, news, etc. It might help in your own research.

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